Lupe Fiasco enlists Nayirah on “AUTOBOTO”

Lupe Fiasco has delayed the release of Drogas Wave, his seventh studio LP, for four years. The 24-track release included contributions from Nikki Jean, Damian Marley, Crystal “Røvél” Torres, Elena Pinderhughes, Simon Sayz, and Bishop Edgar Jackson. TAPE TAPE with Soundtrakk and House with Kaelin Ellis, both of which were released in 2020, were two critically acclaimed EPs by the Chicago artist. The rapper has also provided fans with various on-the-spot freestyles, which have mostly appeared on the rapper’s social media accounts.

As Lupe revealed on Twitter in August last year, he would be working on his next album “from scratch” in one day. In a week after that tweet, he walked back on the same claim and stated that a substantial body of work had been completed in 72 hours. Earlier this week, he finally confirmed the release date for his next album, officially titled DRILL MUSIC IN ZION, set for June 24.

To get fans ready, DRILL MUSIC IN ZION is releasing its first single “AUTOBOTO” today (May 19). Nayirah provided assistance, and Soundtrakk helped with the production. The song focuses primarily on Chicago’s ills, specifically gang violence:


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