Key Glock releases “No Choice” video with introspective message.

As part of his Yellow Tape 2 project, Key Glock released a deluxe version a couple months ago. The new edition comes with 10 new tracks to the widely acclaimed body of work. In his second offering from the project, Memphis rapper Key Glock delivers the official video for his track “No Choice.” The video begins with a scene of Key Glock up in a snowy mountain alone with his thoughts as he follows the words of his own reflection:

Yellow Tape 2 first dropped in November 2014, and it features 20 hard-hitting tracks but no features. It was his business partner, frequent collaborator, and literal family member Young Dolph who was murdered in Memphis that same month. Therefore, he didn’t have much time to celebrate the album’s success. Since then, Paper Route has released “Proud”, a heartfelt tribute to his late manager. The song reveals the true extent of his grief through Dolph’s words.


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