Apropos Arrives with Sizzling Single “Say Yes”

Arriving with a fresh, new raved release, Apropos has released his sizzling single “Say Yes“! The iconic Jake Bass-produced single serves as the first chapter of The Apropos Edition, deconstructed EP which will comprise four new tracks released over the next four seasons. In fact, giving us a sneak peek, the new trendy track showcases excellent songwriting, dramatic production, and superb vocal performance.

This trailblazing talent is one of the music industry’s most promising musicians, continues to make his mark with an electric vocal range and compelling stage presence. Working with the great producer Jake Bass has taken his sound to the next level. The production of “Say Yes” captures Apropos’ raw energy while accentuating his exceptional vocal range, melody crafting, and vivid storytelling.

“Say Yes” to Apropos

The scorching standout single starts with explosive guitar sheets and vibrant percussion, immediately captivating listeners in. The appealing vocal melodies of Apropos are brought to the fore and coupled with a present, concentrated delivery that captivates from the start. The record’s explosive, gospel-tinged hook propels it to new heights and highlights Apropos’ extraordinary vocal range, engaging the listener from beginning to end. Overall, the entire production of the drop demonstrates Jake Bass’s ability to blend many genres into a single unified sound. The track’s soulful foundation is complemented by pop and rock influences. As a result, the piece has a remarkable feeling of realism while also having unmistakable commercial appeal.

Apropos is not new to the music industry, having collaborated with Grammy nominees and acclaimed artists throughout his career. From Complex to NPR to Billboard, he has gained global recognition for his music. His creative collaboration with Jake Bass, who is revolutionizing the Detroit music scene, has resulted in him creating some of his best work yet. Don’t believe me? Press play here at MusicHypeBeast! Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments!




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