Drake’s “Slime You Out”: The Lyrics That Shaped a Calendar

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The music industry has witnessed numerous innovative marketing strategies over the years, none more unique than the fusion of song lyrics and calendar design. The latest to follow this trend is the renowned artist, Drake, whose lyrics from the popular song “Slime You Out” have been transformed into a calendar.

The Instagram Calendar: For All The Planners

An Instagram account, aptly named Drake Calendar, has taken the initiative to repurpose Drake’s lyrics into a practical, flippable wall calendar. This creative product, labeled “For All The Planners,” incorporates verses from the hit single “For All The Dogs” to depict unique messages for each month.

The list goes on, illustrating a lyrical journey through the year, each month symbolic of a particular line from the song.

Cover Design: A Special Touch by Adonis

What makes this calendar even more special is the cover, which features album artwork crafted by none other than Drake’s son, Adonis.

“So January got you pretending to see life clearly, February has you putting the evil eye and pride aside, and so forth. The cover features the album artwork done by Drake’s son Adonis.”

“Slime You Out”: A Lyric for Each Month

The lyrics of “Slime You Out” serve as the perfect narrative for the calendar, taking fans on a lyrical journey of introspection, triumph, and revelation. From January’s call to view life with clarity to the summertime challenges of June, each month is a unique slice of Drake’s lyrical genius.

The Calendar’s Popularity and Price

This creative spin on music merchandising has quickly made headlines, with fans clamoring to get their hands on the unique calendar. Priced at $18.99, it’s a surefire hit among Drake’s dedicated fanbase and a testament to the power of creative marketing in the music industry.

Controversies and Confessions

However, the journey to the calendar’s creation wasn’t without its share of controversies and revelations. The decision to use a picture of Halle Berry being slimed for the album cover sparked a debate, as she hadn’t given her consent for the image’s usage.

In addition, SZA, who collaborated with Drake on the song, expressed her unease about Drake choosing the first draft of the song over the second during an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

“If you accept my first draft, I won’t trust you,” she told the Wall Street Journal. “I just handed in the first draft to Drake, and he’s putting it on his album.”


This unique blend of music and practicality perfectly embodies Drake’s innovative approach to connecting with his fans. It’s a testament to his lyrical prowess and a celebration of his impact on the music industry. “Slime You Out” isn’t just a song – it’s a journey through the year, a story told month by month, a testament to the power of music and creativity.

Drake’s lyrical calendar serves as a reminder that music isn’t just about melodies and rhythms – it’s about storytelling, connection, and creativity in its purest form. And in the hands of artists like Drake, it can transform into something as practical and everyday as a calendar, proving that music truly is a universal language.


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