Finesse2tymes: The Controversy Surrounding His Recent Work

Rapper Finesse2tymes is in hot waters again, living up to his name in ways that are not quite flattering. This Baton Rouge, Louisiana native artist recently faced criticism from fellow musicians, TG Kommas and Fastmoney Ant, both alleging that he reused a verse for two different collaborations.

On January 9th, TG Kommas took to Instagram to expose Finesse2tymes, claiming that his verse in their collaboration “Can’t Pay For It,” was replicated in Fastmoney Ant’s “All I Want.”

TG Kommas’ Statement

In his Instagram post, TG Kommas warned fellow artists about collaborating with Finesse2tymes. He said, “Do not spend your money with these individuals because they will act dishonestly and then pretend they are too occupied to address their actions.”

TG Kommas Instagram Post

The Controversial Verse

The verse in question is featured in TG Kommas’ “Can’t Pay For It” and Fastmoney Ant’s “All I Want.” In both tracks, Finesse2tymes can be heard rapping the same lines, leading to the allegations of plagiarism.

“Fitted cap to the left, .223 on my lap on the way to the track/Advil bottle full of Percocet and a backpack full of pack/Backwood hanging, Hi-Tec drankin’/Big playa, I’m up in the ranking. Me and pops just reunited and we both fresh out the penitentiary.”

Prior Controversy

This is not the first time Finesse2tymes has found himself in such a predicament. In May the previous year, the rapper faced accusations of having his brother impersonate him during a performance in Huntsville, Alabama.

Notable Incidents in Hip-Hop History

Although unique to Finesse2tymes, the music industry has experienced similar scandals. A famous case in point is Melle Mel who repeated a verse on the renowned track “The Message” after he’d already put it on “Superappin’” by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five.

Finesse2tymes Response

Finesse2tymes has been relatively silent about these recent allegations. He, however, did respond to TG Kommas, stating that he would rectify the situation.


The allegations against Finesse2tymes highlight the complexities and challenges artists face in the music industry. It underlines the importance of authenticity and the need for transparency in collaborations.


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