Major Recording Artist CPTHEBEAST gives his insight on doing square business in 2023

Business is war, and everyone must stay ready. 

Finding people who share the same ethics and morals as you do is a complicated process in life.  

People’s values, principles, and morals are based on their heart condition. Possessing integrity is a costly quality that most people aren’t willing to pay for.   

At the beginning of the business relationship, everything feels like a honeymoon. After a couple of months into the marriage, people’s authentic feelings begin to show and reveal their true feelings.  

In order to make a relationship fruitful, both parties must share and adopt the same morality concepts.  

“Money, power, and respect” is a famous Hip-Hop record by the ‘LOX.’ In the world of business, these elements are hard to find in people, and only a tiny percentage of the mass population possesses credible business characteristics.   

Major Recording Artist CPTHEBEAST is one of the leading Generation Z voices. CPTHEBEAST is an emerging force in the world of Hip-Hop. CPTTHEBEAST shares his thoughts on his business philosophies and insights heading into 2023. Stream CPTHEBEAST thoughts here 


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