Meek Mill and Rick Ross: A Look into Their Musical Journey and Predictions

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In the vibrant world of hip-hop, there’s nothing unusual about feuds, rivalries, and reconciliations. In this context, the name that unfailingly resonates is Meek Mill, a Philadelphia-based rapper whose artistry has left an indelible mark on the music industry. This article delves into the intriguing journey of Meek Mill and his mentor, Rick Ross, along with the striking prediction Ross made about Mill’s beef with Drake.

The Dynamic Duo: Meek Mill and Rick Ross

Ahead of their much-anticipated collaborative album, “Too Good to Be True”, Meek Mill and Rick Ross decided to give fans a sneak peek into their long and storied careers. They made an appearance on the recent episode of Complex’s 360 With Speedy Morman. The duo’s interaction with Speedy brought forth several interesting anecdotes, including the recall of Mill’s feud with Drake, and Ross’s prediction about it.

The Feud Between Meek Mill and Drake: How it Began

Years ago, the hip-hop industry was shaken to its core when a feud between Meek Mill and Drake surfaced. The conflict had its roots in intricate personal and professional relationships. During the interview with Speedy Morman, Meek Mill opened up about the feud, reminiscing about how Ross, also known as Rozay, predicted the end of this discord.

Rick Ross’s Prediction: A Beacon in the Turmoil

There’s a certain calmness that Ross exudes, which has always been a source of strength for Meek. During their discussion, Mill revealed a fascinating piece of information. According to him, Rozay had prognosticated that the feud between him and Drake would end in three years. Mill quoted Ross as saying, “In three years, you’ll be alright man.” Ross didn’t deny this claim and rather confirmed it by adding, “I told them, y’all n**as will be fine, trust me. I knew what space [Meek] was in. And I knew where Drake was at.”*

Rick Ross and 50 Cent: An Irreparable Divide?

While Rick Ross predicted a peaceful resolution between Mill and Drake, he doesn’t see a similar future for his longstanding beef with 50 Cent. The Florida rapper made it clear that he doesn’t foresee a reconciliation with 50 Cent, stating, “I ain’t got no jobs for him or nothing.” This statement underlines the profound differences between Ross and 50 Cent, making it evident that their feud might be here to stay.

The Evolution of Meek Mill and Drake’s Relationship

During a conversation with SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation back in October, Meek Mill shared insights into how his relationship with Drake has evolved since they ended their feud in 2018. Mill and Drake are now in a space where they can freely express their opinions about each other’s work. This is a significant shift from their previous relationship, marking the evolution of their bond post the feud.

The Power of Honesty in Music: A New Era for Meek Mill and Drake

The newfound honesty between Drake and Meek Mill has led to a unique dynamic where they can critique each other’s work without any hesitation. This openness has not only improved their relationship but also added another layer to their individual music journey. Mill acknowledged this change, stating that they can now leave their opinions on the table, walk away, and still feel good about it. This wasn’t possible before their feud, marking the onset of a new era in their relationship.

To wrap up, the journey of Meek Mill, intertwined with the likes of Rick Ross and Drake, paints a riveting picture of the hip-hop landscape. It’s a testament to how music can transcend personal differences and foster connections, which was clearly evident in the prediction made by Ross about the feud between Mill and Drake. As fans eagerly await their new album, “Too Good to Be True”, the story of these artists serves as a reminder of the power of music in bridging divides and fostering bonds.


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