Jordan Poole Debunks $500,000 Date Rumor with Ice Spice: “Definitely Cap!”

Last month, a seemingly ordinary fan meet and greet turned into a rumor-busting session when Jordan Poole, the star guard for the Washington Wizards, was confronted by a young fan with a burning question. The kid, a clear enthusiast of the game, asked Poole about his experiences playing alongside basketball legend, Steph Curry. Poole’s enthusiastic response, describing the experience as “insane”, however, was not the answer the kid was really after.

The Real Question

The youngster’s real query had less to do with on-court performances and more with off-court rumors – specifically, the much-discussed rumor of Poole’s alleged $500,000 date with Bronx rap icon, Ice Spice.

According to Poole, the rumor was completely unfounded. He claimed he never went on such an extravagant date with Ice Spice, stating emphatically, “Definitely not. Definitely cap!”

“Definitely not,” Poole told the kid. “Definitely cap!”

The Origin of the Rumor

The rumor began swirling after fellow artist Cam’rom criticized Poole’s performance on the court. Cam’rom, making insinuations about Poole’s focus, claimed that Poole had his mind on Ice Spice. He even went as far as to label Poole a “munch”. Ice Spice, on the other hand, was emerging as one of the most sought-after female rappers in the music industry. With Poole having recently signed a four-year, $140 million extension with the Warriors, fans took the rumor and ran with it. However, both parties remained silent about the rumor until now.

Rumors in the world of sports and entertainment are nothing new. They have a way of adding a dash of intrigue and suspense to the career narratives of athletes and musicians alike. However, when it comes to the rumored $500,000 date between Jordan Poole and Ice Spice, the basketball star has made it clear that it is, in his words, “Definitely cap!”


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