On the recent release of Gimme, Sam Smith recruited Koffee and Jessie Reyez.

Earlier this year, Sam Smith announced that Gloria would be his fourth studio album, which would feature contributions from Kim Petras and Ed Sheeran, among others. Their album title is designed to represent the inner voice of the group, as they explained in a social media post:

“As I begin to release Gloria and hand over this work to you, I am feeling overwhelmed and emotional. The process of creating this piece of music has been magical in every way. You will find a small part of my heart and soul in this book, which I dedicate to you with the intention of giving it to you. I received the support of Gloria during some dark times in my life and she has been a beacon in my life. Hopefully, it will be that way for you. You have been patient for a long time.”

As of Wednesday (Jan. 11), fans have been treated to a single from the project entitled “Gimme,” which was a collaboration between Jessie Reyez and Koffee. A collaboration between StarGate, Jimmy Napes, Smith, and Anju Blaxx, the Caribbean-inspired song is centered on liberation and hedonism:

In a new video for his song “Gimme,” Sam Smith released a new video today (Jan. 13). In it, viewers can see Sam Smith and his collaborators getting loose on the dancefloor as others catch on to the vibes he and his collaborators are creating.


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