On the Rise: King Lo 

 A talented music artist, King Lo is from Syracuse, New York. During 2017, King Lo began making music. His love and passion for music kept King Lo from giving up music even though he contemplated it. According to him, anyone with a dream and the desire to achieve it inspires him. “Where I hail from, it is rare to see someone make it, so if someone chases their dreams it inspires me.” Through all his achievements and experiences, he remains humble. King Lo studied the music business and game when he was young and practiced his craft until he became better at it. King Lo was musically inclined from a young age. Danny1of1 is King Lo’s favorite producer. It doesn’t matter what beat King Lo touches, fans gravitate to his sound. Fans eagerly await the release of King Lo’s new unreleased songs, but as of now, “Asphalt” is a song that can’t seem to get enough attention. All music platforms, including iTunes and Spotify, offer Asphalt. The team behind King Lo’s label, Beast Entertainment, is TBE. This year, King has attended his first Great NYS Fair. The event was highly successful. In the new year, more music from King Lo will be released. More from King Lo is on the way. 


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