Major Recording Artist Nickapella holds nothing ack with MUSICHYPEBEAST

Noel Green AKA Nickapella is a Jamaican/Caribbean Artist who has mastered the sound of Reggae, Dancehall, hip hop, and Afro. For him, 2022 is all about passion. When Nickapella first saw an artist perform on stage and was blown away by his talent, he was inspired to enter the field of music.  

However, it seems as though he was always destined to become a singer as his dad was a DJ and would take Nickapella on the road with him while playing. Moreover, as a music lover, his mom would explain various songs to him at a tender age, which has contributed to his as a writer with immense depth.  

He is a true believer of the adage “no pain, no gain,” having learned many valuable lessons from various challenges throughout his life. As far as his creative process is concerned, he tends to get several ideas throughout the day regarding melodies and voices he wishes to experiment with.  

He records all of them as voice notes and builds from there. Nickapella knows he is destined for greatness and something bigger than he can comprehend. If you are looking for high-energy cuts with great vibes, this is an artist you must check out. He particularly stands out due to his unique experiments with his voice. Connect with his vibe!        


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