TuneTuneFTW understands her music purpose in 2022

TuneTuneFTW is among the emerging hip hop artists from New York City. Using her distinctive beats, TuneTuneFTW is able to express her thoughts and feelings. Despite dealing with one of the worst experiences a musician can face, the theft of her music, TuneTuneFTW bounced back immediately with the creation of five new tracks, which demonstrates her indomitable spirit.  

TuneTuneFTW became motivated to succeed when she realized that her family lacked a strong support system. Because of that, she decided to become a support system for them with her career success.  

All the struggles that TuneTuneFTW endured throughout her life culminated into a stronger, more detailed delivery of her records. Additionally, all this paved the way for her impeccable vision. When listening to her beats, one can discern some amazing melodies mixed with epic hard-hitting hip-hop beats.  

TuneTuneFTW loves the sonic beauty of music instrumentation, which is evident her music. TuneTuneFTW expresses all of her emotions within the music, regardless of how sad, happy, or angry she is. Nevertheless, her songs are truly unique because of the rawness of the content and the way he presents it. In summary, TuneTuneFTW hopes to provide a voice for those pursuing their dreams through hardship. Stream the TuneTuneFTW experience here.    


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