Rotimi goes to Nigeria for the new video of “Make You Say”

As recently as October, Rotimi released the official deluxe version of All or Nothing, his debut project, as part of The Ultimate Collection. In addition to adding six additional tracks to the album, the upgraded version features new high-profile appearances from the likes of Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, and Eliad.

Rotimi comes back with a brand-new follow-up track today, Wednesday, Dec. 7 as the New Jersey-born singer unveils his new single, “Make You Say.” He performed the song together with Nektunez, who appears on the track, along with TG Omori, who directed the music video. Using the visual, Rotimi takes the viewer on a journey to Lagos, Nigeria where he parades in the streets with his people while delivering his lyrics:

A recent interview with Rotimi revealed how his mother and father helped him stay connected to the traditions of his Nigerian heritage throughout his childhood and into adulthood. “My parents made it a point to make sure every other summer, from the time I was about 18 or 19 years old, I would attend. As a child, I always lived in Apofe Village with my mom’s family, and I often visited them. In terms of my parents, my mother is Yoruba and my dad is an Igbo. I have always resided in the state of Imo with my mom’s side of the family, and with my father’s side, I have resided in Lagos. In this country I saw a great deal of wealth as well as poverty. I was exposed to that kind of thing by them. The funny thing is that I had the absolute maximum amount of fun when I was in the village because there was camaraderie.”

As for the original All or Nothing project, it featured 15 tracks, all of which were produced by the likes of Tank, Alpha P, Yung Bleu, Fireboy DML, along with a guest appearance from his mother on “Memory Lane.” The album has been accompanied by various visuals, such as “Weapon” performed by Fireboy DML, “Don’t You Ever,” and “I Do”.


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