Ice Cube’s song “It Was A Good Day” is covered by Logic.

Logic just released his eighth studio LP, College Park, only a couple of weeks ago, but he is already treating his fans to some new music and he is already teasing them with new music. During an appearance on Monday (March 6), the Maryland rapper performed his own take on Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day.” Delivering the song with a slightly different instrumentation than the original, Logic is heard harmonizing different selections that evoke the story of a typical Los Angeles day as told by Cube.

A video accompanying Logic’s cover is released, featuring the rapper standing in front of a green screen with a guitarist-wielding producer, whilst the Cube video was directed by F. Gary Gray, which can be seen in the background of the clip. At the end of the video, Logic concludes in a humorous manner with a quip, “It’s pretty authentic.”

During February, College Park was released with 17 songs, a vast number of features, and a wide array of artists, including Bun B, RZA, ADÉ, Redman, Fat Trel, Joey BADA$$, Norah Jones, and more. An interview that he conducted on SiriusXM recently explained to listeners the significance behind the title of the album, which represents a time in his career closer to the beginning.

This is a story which takes place in 2011. He added, “It’s just a day in my life with my best friends.”. “Big Lenbo, who allowed me to stay at his house in the basement… My boy C Dot Castro, our fellow rapper from College Park… As for 6ix, I have to give him a shout out because he is my production assistant… It’s about all of the fun and shenanigans we get up to on a regular day, as we make our way from College Park to D.C. in preparation for the open mic that I am promoting.”


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