Students caught on video being called “half breeds” and “retards” by a white educator

NBC2 reported that a white woman was placed on administrative leave after her racist comments were caught on camera. 

In the mother’s account, she was on a walk with her children when Patricia Schmidt confronted her, telling her that the Kings Lake Blvd path was not designated for pedestrians. In response, she blared her horn for about ten seconds, rolled down her window, and yelled out the window that we could not cross that path. According to neighbors, even though the mom claimed they were on a public sidewalk, Schmidt thought they were trespassing because she appointed herself the guardian of the path. 

During her rant, the woman referred to the children and made distasteful comments about their race. Do you have mulatto children? A Black man had sex with you? The children you have are half-breeds. The video shows Schmidt saying, “Look at them.”. You must be raising a special ed child. He’s a retard. Your son is a retard.” 

The teacher revealed Schmidt’s position at Lely Elementary School as an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Specialist to his mother, who expressed concerns about the lessons in class. “Who knows how she treats them in the classroom when their parents aren’t present to defend them?”” she asked. 

Schmidt is out on administrative leave according to Collier County Public Schools. On the other hand, the city’s Sheriff’s Office said there could be no action against the educator because she had not committed any crimes. 

The white woman referred to as “Collier Karen” must be punished for her actions, say neighborhood residents, since the incident wasn’t the first time her behavior drew complaints. 

The neighbor of Schmidt, Doug Rankin, for instance, claimed that his mom was subjected to “verbal abuse”. John Courtright, a local resident, said, “I guarantee you this isn’t the first mother and child she’s hurt in this way.” “I have seen her do it to others. I’ve seen her yell at people. I don’t know how many times.” 


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