“Tangerine” is the new single from Will Hill.

The five-track From Buckhead With Love EP, featuring Zip K and Michael Aristotle, was released almost five months ago. “Tangerine,” a Piso and Clint Ford production, is the singer’s latest single. It’s titled after the cannabis that he prefers. Will Hill also raps effortlessly about his carefree lifestyle on the track:

Throughout the last few years, Will Hill has established a relationship with Hollywood Cole, who is responsible for top-tier cuts such as Buddy “Wait Too Long,” Lil Wayne “B. B. King Freestyle,” Jack Harlow “Side Piece,” Isaiah Rashad “Headshots (4r Da Locals),” and Latto “Wheelie.” By working together, the two created Hollywood Hill, Atlantafornia, and Bring The Bottles In, with contributions from Lule and Quentin Miller. During a previous interview with Julien Virgin, Cole explained how easy it is to collaborate with his “No Ice” partner:

The chemistry between me and Will is just great. The West Coast is where we both come from, so we’re both laid back dudes. Both of us have excellent communication, we are very open with each other. My take on it is that it just works, since we are both laid back dudes, so it’s not really a clash, we just click just like that.”


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