The Glittering Canine-Inspired Chain Gracing Drake’s Neck in First Person Shooter Video

The hip-hop world is abuzz with Drake’s latest music video, First Person Shooter, a collaboration with J. Cole. But it’s not just the melody that’s catching everyone’s attention. Drake’s new dog leash chain, boasting an impressive 50 carats of diamonds, has become a hot topic.

In this Gibson Hazard-directed video, Drake and J. Cole have created an intricate web of easter eggs and homages. The video is a visual feast, but it’s Drake’s canine-themed chain that has turned heads.

The Artistry Behind Drake’s Latest Accessory

The mastermind behind the chain is none other than Nadine Ghosn, a jeweler known for her unique and luxurious designs. Drake has previously sported an 18-carat dog bone chain, also crafted by Ghosn.

Ghosn took to Instagram to share a close-up of the chain. She revealed that the piece is made from two kilos of 18-karat white gold and adorned with 50 carats of diamonds.

Feeling grateful 🥹 @champagnepapi,” Ghosn wrote. “Thank you for giving us a chance to make something cool and incredible. ‘Unleashed’ For All the Dogs. … Thank you for my incredible craftsmen for all the trial and error that went into this and all the devotion 💕.

Ghosn’s Instagram stories featured clips of the chain being designed and a screenshot of the moment Drake’s “Nadine” lyric manifests as a dog wearing a collar with her name.

“Not sure if it is a shout out but I will take it 😅😂,” she wrote.

Drake and J. Cole’s Upcoming Tour

Following the release of the First Person Shooter video, Drake and J. Cole announced a joint tour, titled It’s All a Blur Tour: Big As the What?

The tour is set to take the music stars through secondary markets from January through March. According to J. Cole’s manager, Ibrahim “Ib” Hamad, the goal is to revisit the markets they used to tour during their early career.

“Gotta pull up to some of those markets we use to grind through on the come up. Can’t wait to see those cities again, been a minute,” Ib wrote on social media.The First Person Shooter video and Drake’s chain are just the latest instances of the rapper’s ability to create a buzz, both with his music and his style. With the upcoming tour, fans can look forward to more surprises from Drake and J. Cole. In conclusion, Drake continues to impress with his unique style and music. His latest canine-themed chain and the First Person Shooter video are testament to his creativity and boldness. With an upcoming tour, fans can only wait with bated breath to see what he does next.


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