The new video for “Same Old Ways” by Ama Lou has been released.

The four-song AT LEAST WE HAVE THIS EP, which Ama Lou released in November, made its debut with the hit anthem “Trust Nobody.” Maestro The Baker produced the R&B-hip hop offering “Same Old Ways,” in which the singer caught some infectious, street-esque vibes regarding the lyrics:

The video for “Same Old Ways” was released earlier this week, which was directed by Ama Lou and shot by Mahalia John. Sampson Akotuah, drummer for Ama, and Ama herself approach a prestigious-looking, unknown school together to become its freshmen students. As the two engage in what seems like an extremely busy school day, they stop by a gym, play some chess, find a library, and enjoy impressive plates of food.

She gained a lot of attention last year with her EP DDD, which was accompanied by a short film in which she found herself in the midst of a Los Angeles crime ring. The North London emcee partnered with Atlantic Records to release Ama, who?, which included five tracks produced by Frank Dukes, Atu + Dpat, Murda Beatz, Hi-Tek, and more. There’s a good chance that the band will release their official debut album in the near future.


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