ZAIA and Tanerelle have been recruited by SIM for the “SAMSARA” campaign.

Earlier this month, SIM released a brand-new single titled “SAMSARA,” a banging groove that includes contributions from Tanerélle and ZAIA. According to the press release sent out with the song, it discusses the bittersweet reality of multiverse lovers who are on a romance journey that has come to an end.” This being said, its lyrics seem to indicate a strong promise for a relationship that is coming to an end in the near future:

Further, Tanerelle explained the meaning behind the song as well as the process of its creation:

“When SIM approached me about ‘SAMSARA,’ I was overcome with joy and couldn’t contain my excitement. I am so happy that we got the opportunity to create a song about a concept that I believe so deeply in, our lives. These are our lives that came before, our lives that come after, and the love we encounter in all of them. No matter the stage we are at. I think it is such a beautiful tribute to the many forms of love there are.

As far as the world knows, there is very little information available about SIM. This is the intergalactic alter ego of an unknown producer who has not been revealed to the world. When fans visit SIM’s website, they will be greeted with a cryptic message about the inspiration and intentions of the artist as well as a biography.

It has been said that the world as we know it will be unrecognizable in the year 2000. Eventually, the mind and body will cease to exist as physical entities. Transmission of energy is not limited by bodily limits, but by machines… The future will be shaped by sound. The name SIM, otherwise known as a frequency engineer in the eyes of limited minds on earth, is the name given to a musician who works with frequencies.


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