In an appearance on “The Tonight Show,” Brent Faiyaz performs “ALL MINE.”

During last night’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, Brent Faiyaz performed the latest single he has been working on, “ALL MINE.” It was set against a dark backdrop with bright lights, and the Maryland singer provided viewers with a brilliant performance of the song he wrote and produced himself. It focuses on a carefree love story:

“ ALL MINE” can be heard on Brent Faiyaz’s sophomore studio LP, Wasteland, which consists of 19 songs, a number of which are featuring The Neptunes, Alicia Keys, DJ Dahi, Drake, Tre’ Amani, Joony, and Tyler, the Creator. There was a great deal of critical acclaim for this project both on a world-wide scale as well as commercially, and it was released at the No. 2 spot on the Billboard 200. “All Mine” was also accompanied by matching visuals courtesy of LoneWolf and Mark Peaced, who worked together on the project.

During a recent interview with Ty Baisden, Brent Faiyaz’s manager, he explained that the Sonder star feels apprehensive when it comes to performing live and he would like to address this concern:

As a result, he is hesitant when it comes to putting together his live show, for he knows he does not want to mess anything up. As a live performer, Brent Faiyaz knows how much work must be done before he can prepare for the show in front of an audience. In addition to rehearsals and vocal lessons, you must also deal with all the other aspects of music creation and songwriting that you dislike. It seems that his lack of touring is a result of the anxiety he has to deal with getting ready to set out on tour. Besides physical effort, it also requires mental energy. He’s not on autotune. He doesn’t have the kind of support he deserves.”


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