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Kenny Mason releases ‘Strays 02’ live performance

Keeping up with his momentum, Kenny Mason released Strays 02, which is a live performance video with back-to-back verses from Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut, which is Kenny’s recent project along with last year’s debut, Angelic Hoodrat. The performance kicks off with his hard-hitting verse off “Rih”

The video, which is of 12 minutes, was recorded in a single take. It hasn’t been edited or cut. It is equipped with Kenny’s hardest hitting bars and quick verses, demonstrating his rapping skills, while also hinting to fans as to what will come later this summer as Kenny hits the road, first time after “Hit’s” release. The title, “Strays” means both stray verses from his recent project and stray dogs, which is a common theme in the Angelic Hoodrat universe. 

Angelic Hoodrat’s first installment was released in 2020, with tracks such as “Metal Wings” and “Petty Thoughts.” He also released several singles this year, such as “Rih,” “Play Ball,” and “Pup” prior to this project. Kenny Mason assisted fellow rap peers on projects like Deante Hitchcock’s deluxe version of BETTER and Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats’ UNLOCKED 1.5. 

Do check out Kenny Mason’s latest live performance video of “strays 02” down below. 


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