New video from M24 for “Expensive Pain”

A new single from M24 emerged yesterday (Sept. 15) called “Expensive Pain,” which is produced by 254Bodi and HONEYWOODSIX, and is apparently inspired by Meek Mill’s song by the same name. South London emcee speaks of his current successes while reminiscing about things that were more difficult before fame and fortune:

The accompanying video for “Expensive Pain,” directed by Toxic, starts with a shot of M24 driving a Rolls Royce through London. As the show progresses, viewers will be able to see him in various settings throughout the city, such as his residence, a nightclub, and out in the street with his friends.

Recently, M24 released Drip N Drill, a 12-song mixtape featuring M Dargg, Sneakbo, Stickz, and Tookie. As of now, the “Peter Pan” singer continues to release top-tier singles. These include “John Wick,” “Too Much Pride,” “Nikeys,” “The Generals Corner,” “High Right Now,” “Back In Blood,” “Exotic,” “N.F.T.R.,” and “Coulda Been.” In addition to his own work, M24 has also been featured on Pop Smoke “No Cap (Remix),” Rimzee “Xabsi,” Tion Wayne “Knock Knock,” Dappy “Antigua,” and Jnr Choi “TO THE MOON (Drill Remix).”


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