With his new album, Brent Faiyaz explores the ‘Wasteland’

There are a number of artists whom everyone looks forward to hearing about when they announce new music, including Brent Faiyaz. With the release of his debut EP (back in 2013), the Maryland artist set the stage for the type of artist he would become in the future. With the release of Austin’s debut studio album Sonder Son in 2017, everyone caught wind of Brent’s dopeness and immediately joined the Faiyaz bandwagon. A Grammy nominated singer-songwriter; the singer-songwriter has created a lot of noise in an industry filled with talent. The summer is fast approaching, so Brent Faiyaz decided to bring some new energy to the scene. Wasteland, the sophomore album from the singer who sang “Crew,” will be released today (July 8).

One of the most popular R&B crooners right now with toxic lyrics that fans can’t get enough of is the R&B crooner. Similarly to Future, Brent Faiyaz provides those types of vibes for his fans, and they greatly appreciate it. Wasteland marks Brent’s second album so far, indicating he intends to stay in this business for the long haul.

When Brent spoke to Vogue recently about putting together a project, he highlighted the most valuable aspect: “The writing.”. When it comes to lyrics, it is a different experience for me. From a literary perspective, it alludes to the moment when a song moves beyond just music. This is an extremely pertinent point that people often overlook. In a way, music can be regarded as a form of literature, but a song itself is a form of poetry too. When you look at a song from the standpoint of its writing and lyrics, it hits you in a different way.”


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